Caribe Tesoro - The Mansion on West Bay Beach
A mansion on the beach...
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Island Culture and places to see when you visit Caribe Tesoro Bed and Breakfast in Roatan

Caribe Tesoro, the Number One ranked Bed and Breakfast Hotel on West Bay Beach in Roatan, Honduras has a true connection to the people of Roatan. This page describes more about the island and it’s people. We can help you see Roatan while you are staying at Caribe Tesoro…


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Roatan & Island culture

West Bay Roatan, where Caribe Tesoro is located, was once a sleepy little beach area dotted with palm trees and only accessible by boat (as there were no roads.) The white sands and the reef life drew islanders on weekends and it's peaceful waters made it ideal for swimming.

Exploring the island is always fun. Many of the roads on the island are still dirt in some cases. Don't let that stop you from exploring by car. It's part of the charm. Always remember that Roatan is a "true" tropical island,  densely forested by old trees and retains her old island mystique. Explore Roatan by boat. A water taxi ride will allow you to view Roatan from off-shore as you imagine what pirates and explorers of old would see as they steered clear of the reef.

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Fine dining

We believe that dining needn’t be expensive to be fine. West Bay Beach offers everything from island tipico to more exotic foods like grilled Octopus, or fine wines at the Vintage Pearl at Bananarama. You can find Canadian Cuisine (there are many Canucks on Roatan), some of the best coffee in the world (roasted in small batches by master roasters right here on the island and available at our desk to take home as souvenirs). Of course we are very proud of Lena Parilla, our wood fired grill. Dining at night is always romantic. And the prices are incredibly affordable. If you are looking for something with a posh vibe we will be happy to help you find a place that makes your palate happy.

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West Bay is more about kicking back and being comfortable than being a shopping Mecca. That said, you are walking distance from West Bay Mall where you'll be able to find many one of a kind simple treasures of your visit. Recycled art abounds as Roatan is very green conscious and inventive in reusing materials. There are places where you'll find tropical woods that have been fashioned into great objects for home decor. And you'll even find some amazing hand-made sandals nearby at Pies Bonitos which supports local Honduran mothers through their empowerment project. Their leather sandals are beautiful and 100% Honduran-made. And there are the bananas and plantains and mangoes.


REal Beach bars

"Life's a Beach". Just as the saying goes, you come to the beach to experience the sun and the sand between your toes, and the coolness of the water. And we like to work all of those together at our swim up beach bar. You can "Chill" while you chill. And if you decide to go for a walk on the beach, you'll find you're only a few steps from a great mojito or the signature island drink, the Monkey Lala. 


Music Venues

Whether you’re looking for a quiet place for intimate acoustic performances, a place to shake your booty, reggae or reggaeton, dancing with a killer DJ, or straight up Rock and Roll, Roatan has it... At Caribe Tesoro, we have  an ongoing Wednesday Night residency with legendary guitarist Brion James (when he's not on the road with the Dan Reed Network) ... find out about other places for live music on Roatan with the Roatan Music Scene... 

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Caribe Tesoro is just yards from the reef. And this is a perfect place to go swimming and snorkeling as West Bay Beach is consistently voted one of the best beaches in the Caribbean. If you have ever been to some other resorts in the world such as those found on Hawaii, or closer to home Belize, you know that you often have to travel a good ways to get to the best snorkeling or diving spots. Not so here on Roatan. We can get everything you need so that you can enjoy a great day in the water. And you will quickly find out why Roatan has been lauded for it's amazing underwater world.



You are on a tropical island. There are many stories to hear and if you want to go exploring we'll be happy to arrange for you to take a daytrip with recommended companies who work with Caribe Tesoro. Among some amazing things to do are travel by boat through the mangrove forests of East End near Jonesville and Oak Ridge. These old growth beauties have been here for hundreds of year. They keep the water clean in our ecosystem. Or perhaps you'd like to visit Punta Gorda and meet the descendants of the oldest inhabitants of Roatan, the Garifuna people. Just let us know.